Lunch- and Bar menu

Sandwiches (white or whole wheat) 12 am till 17pm
12 o’clock treat soup, sandwich with croquette, ham or 8,50 cheese
Dutch cheese, garden-cress, pickles and mustard
Omelette with ham, tomato and cheese
Humus with sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan
Dutch sandwich, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, egg
Beef croquettes (2 pcs.)
Chicken sandwich, avocado, parmesan, rocket salad
Hoppe burger 160gr, 100% beef (bacon/cheese)
BLTCA bacon, lettuce, tomato, chicken and avocado
Shrimp croquettes (2 pcs.) with lemon mayonnaise
Smoked wild salmon with wasabi mayonnaise
Tuna salad with a boiled egg and garden cress
Toasted Specials (farmers bread white or whole wheat) from 12.00
Old cheese, tomato, red onion
Old cheese, chicken, sambal
Goat cheese, honey, thyme
Small green salad
Caesar Salad chicken, little gem, parmesan, croutons, anchovy and a boiled egg (baco)
Goat’s cheese salad mixed salad with warm goat cheese, apple, walnut and a honey vinaigrette
Soups (served with bread)
Tomato soup with bread
Chicken soup with bread
Snacks whole day through
Marinated olives
Dutch old cheese
Amsterdam raw beef sausage
Amsterdam liver sausage
Bread with sun-dried tomato tapenade and humus
Fried cheese fingers (8 pieces)
Nacho crisps with guacamole & salsa
Nacho’s special melted cheese, salsa, guacamole, crème fraîche, jalapeños
Small meatballs (8 pcs.)
Bitterballen (deep-fried beef ragout filled snack, 8 pcs.)
Fried spicy meat rolls, beef (8 pcs.)
Vegetarian rolls (8 pcs.)
Butterfly gambas (8 pcs.)
Crispy chicken thighs (boneless, 5 pcs.)
Hot mixed platter (16 pcs.)
Sweet treats
Apple pie (whipped cream)
Muffin: vanilla, chocolate or blueberry
Soft drinks
Sourcy (red/blue), Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Seven-Up, Ice Tea, Ice Tea Green, Sisi, Fristi, Chocolate milk, Tomato Juice, Apple Juice, Ginger Ale, Rivella Light, Bitter Lemon, Cassis, Cranberry Juice
Thomas Henry Tonic
Fresh orange Juice small/large
Red Bull
Sourcy blue 1ltr
Sparkling water from Amsterdam 1 ltr
Coffee (Buscaglione)
Double Espresso
Tea (Dilmah)
Hot Chocolate (whipped cream)
Decaffeinated Coffee
Decaffeinated Cappuccino
Irish Coffee (Jameson)
French Coffee (Grand Marnier)
Italian Coffee (Amaretto)