A brief look at the history of one of Amsterdam’s oldest cafés.

Café Hoppe has been located on the Spui since 1670. Hans van Mierlo laid the foundations for the liberal D’66 party here,
and even our recently abdicated Queen Beatrix honoured us with a royal visit whilst still a young princess.
True, she did this with the Salvation Army’s legendary Major Boszhart on a fund-raising mission, but nevertheless she came!
Brewing magnate Freddy Heineken could also be found enjoying a drink here.

That’s enough history, let’s get to the present day. Café Hoppe has something unique, something indescribable,
that speaks to the imagination of many-young and old-who come and come back again. Come along for a drink on a Friday
afternoon and you’ll see what we mean. You would have to search far and wide to come across a more diverse group of people.
One thing they do have in common though-a great affection for Café Hoppe.

Today Café Hoppe consists of two rooms, although this was not always the case. The oldest part, at No.18,is an official national monument, both the interior and exterior, and has thus remained unchanged throughout the centuries. The ancient jenever
and liqueur barrels behind the bar bear silent witness to Café Hoppe’s motley clientele down the ages.
At the beginning of the 20th century No.20, a hotel and restaurant was incorporated into the business.
The ’30’s, under the watchful eye and enthusiastic leadership of Harry Mustert marked the start of a new era for the illustrious café.
He gave it it’s present name, joined No.s 18 and 20 by making a doorway in the dividing wall and closed down the hotel.
‘Sitting’ Hoppe at no.20 and ‘standing’ Hoppe at No.18 are there to this very day.
Currently Café Hoppe is run by Jan-Wieger van der Linden and Pepijn Zonneveld who cherish it’s authentic character yet still succeed in attracting a new and varied clientele. Café Hoppe remains firmly rooted in it’s own and Amsterdam’s traditions, yet keeps it’s gaze firmly fixed on the future. Come along and join us,you’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome.

Café Hoppe’s strength

What makes us so special? Well,where to begin? Our guests,diverse and loyal, are one reason, but there’s so much more.
Hospitality and quality are an absolute priority and that’s plain for all to see. Behind the bar we have true professionals,
some of whom have been with us for up to 20 years;our guests take comfort in a familiar face and so always feel welcome.

Everything at Café Hoppe is of premium quality; from the finest ‘bitterbal’ (a dutch speciality) to a perfectly tapped beer,
it’s all important to us. That’s why we were chosen by ‘Misset Horeca’ (a trade magazine) as the best café in the Netherlands in 2013.
To ensure consistency of quality we train our staff ourselves and infuse them with our own unique DNA.
In the last few years we’ve worked hard on further developing Café Hoppe. For example,
we’ve extended our menu so we can welcome you for breakfast and lunch too.

As you can see Café Hoppe is in a constant state of evolution and improvement, in terms of both food and drink and presentation.
See our logo on our beer glasses and coffee cups for example. We also take pride in applying our own branding to our menus and our new website. So come on down, join us, experience some living history and enjoy the unique ambience which makes us so popular.

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It is also possible to have breakfast at Café Hoppe.
During the day you can order sandwiches and snacks.
Below the assortment:

See the menu


    Get your day off to a great start with a tasty breakfast.From something light to something more filling.
    View the breakfast menu here.


    Enjoy a relaxed and delicious lunch.From small to big.Or try our Amsterdam specialities.
    View the lunch and bar menu here.


    Our Beers.
    From a ‘fluitje’ and a ‘vaasje’ to our range of special bottled and tapped beers.
    See our selection here.


    From our prize-winning housewines (2012+2013) to a full-bodied red or a fragrant white,we’ve got it.
    See our wine menu here.

  • Jenevers & Liqueurs

    These drinks are dutch through and through and we have a great variety.Surprise yourself.
    See our selection here.





What are they saying about us? See here.

  • Written Media

    Click here for some articles about café Hoppe. If you wish for more information, please send an email to info@cafehoppe.com

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All roads lead to Café Hoppe. See here for the best route.

Opening Hours:

Sun-Thu 09.00-01.00

Fri-Sat 09.00-02.00

  • TRAM and subway

    Tram 2, 11 and 12 have a stop (‘Spui’) at our front door.
    Subway 52 have a stop (‘Spui’) at the Rokin, only a 3 minutes walk.

  • Walking

    As of the fact that Café Hoppe is in the heart of Amsterdam, it’s easy to walk to our place. Just look at your (or above) map for ‘Spui’ and we’re there!

  • By Car

    Parking is possible in the ‘Kolk’ – parking or at the ‘Stopera’ – parking. From both parkings it’s a 5 minute walk. You can also park at a P+R-location and take public transport from there.

    Just at the front door there’s a cab-stop.


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