Jenevers & Liqueurs

Foreign Spirits
Damrak Gin 5,50
Bombay Sapphire Gin 6,00
Tangueray Gin 5,50
Hendrick’s Gin 7,00
Bols Vodka 5,50
Grey Goose Vodka 6,00
Bacardi White/Black/Limón 5,50
Havana Club 7 Years 6,00
Tequila Silver/Gold 5,50
Young Hoppe 3,60
Young Rutte 3,60
Young van Wees 4,00
Old Corenwijn 4,00
Old van Wees 4,00
Van Wees blackcurrant jenever 4,00
Klarenaer 4,00
Loyaal 4,50
Loyaal 5 years 5,50
Van Wees 10 years 8,00
Jägermeister, Underberg 3,80
Brandewijn, Lemon Brandewijn, Oranjebitter, Vieux, Beerenburg, Homemade herb bitter, Lemon Genever, Apfelkorn 3,60
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Johnny Walker Red Label, Jameson,
Four Roses, Famous Grouse
Johnny Walker Black Label, Jack Daniels 6,00
Scottish Single Malts
Glenkinchie (10 years), Lagavullin (16 years),
Oban (14 years),Cragganmore (12 years),
Talisker (10 years), Dalwhinnie (15 years)
Joseph Guy VS 5,00
Courvoisier VS 6,00
Remi Martin VSOP 6,50
Calvados 5,50
Grappa 6,50
Foreign Liqueurs
Baileys, Amaretto, Tia Maria, Malibu, Safari,
Sambuca, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Drambuie,
Southern Comfort, Licor 43

We have a broad range of Dutch Jenevers and Liqueurs. As of our history as a distillery we try to serve the most unique and traditionally distilled jenevers and liqueurs. Please click here for more information.